Tuesday, 14 May 2013

What Should You Do SEO for Google 2013?

Mattcutts addressed 10 points in his answer to the question, "What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?

Penguin – The next Penguin update will have deeper and more impact than the first version of Penguin update

Google Penguin 4 Update

Google Penguin 4 Update

Advertorials – Google was seen taking actions against some of the websites for using advertorials to inflate their link profile artificially. Cutts said that Google will soon take stronger step against websites using advertorials by violating the webmaster guidelines.

Spammy Queries – Till date, Google has not targeted the queries that are spammy in nature (pay day loans) or pornographic related queries, but Matt Cutts hinted that Google will be getting strict in the future. 

Going Upstream – Google might go after link networks as Matt Cutts said that they want to go more Upstream in order to deter the link spammers as well as the value of the links they acquire from sources.

Sophisticated Link Analysis – Google will get even better at link analysis. Matt said that although Google is still in the early stage of more sophisticated link analysis software, but the day it is released, the team will have better understanding of the links.

Improvement on Hacked Sites – Google has worked a lot on hacked sites and their index in the past. It has specifically labeled search results for potential hacked sites, warned webmasters about the hack, and also removed hacking sites. Matt Cutts said that Google is working on a new feature with better ability to detect hacked sites. Moreover, Google is planning to improve webmaster communication when it comes to hacked sites.

Authority Boost – Google is planning to give a ranking or community boost to the websites that are an authority in the specific industry. 

Panda – Google Panda has impacted many sites and Matt Cutts said the many sites are borderline cases. The team is looking out for ways to ease that impact by considering other quality metrics and ensure that the websites are not impacted by Panda algorithm.

Clusters – There will be a lesser number of clusters of the same domain name on the first page of search results this year. Matt said that Google wants the first page search results to be more diverse but when you will navigate to the second page, you will see the clusters again.

Better Webmaster Communication – Webmasters can expect event more detailed examples within the webmaster notifications received in the Google Webmaster Tools.

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