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11 SEO Experts Share Actionable Link Building Tips

11 SEO Experts Share Actionable Link Building Tips
11 SEO Experts Share Actionable Link Building Tips

Recently their has been some negative sentiment in the market for link building. Many people claim link building is dead, many claim it has no value. Well any one who is generating results on a weekly basis knows that link building is still key. I decided to reach out to a few respected names in the link building, affiliate marketing and SEO community to see what their top actionable link building tips were in around 200-300 words, the result is a fantastic resource of link building information. Read More Here

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pay Per Click(PPC) Glossary 2013

PPC Glossary
PPC Glossary 2013

Accelerated Ad Delivery: An ad serving method that displays your ads as often as possible until the daily budget is reached - See Ad Delivery

Ad Scheduling: Also known as day parting, ad scheduling allows an advertiser using a pay per click search engine to control the day and time their ads appear. Some pay per click search engines also allow you to control your bids during a certain time of day.

Ad Auction: Occurs every time a search is performed to determine which ads will show for the query and in what order.

Ad Delivery: How quickly your ads will show in a single day. AdWords offers two choices for ad delivery - Standard and Accelerated

Ad Group: Contains one or more ads with a target set of keywords and/or placements.

Ad Placement: Locations on the Google Content Network where your ad can appear based upon target keywords and relevancy to your ad. This could be across an entire Website or on a single page of a site. Placements can be custom-tailored in the AdWords account manager or you can let Google choose relevant placements for your ads.

Ad Ranking/Positioning: The order in which your ad appears based upon the keyword maximum bid and ad Quality Score.

Ad Rationing: Is a feature of Google AdWords that spreads the delivery of your ads throughout the day so as to not exhaust the daily budget early in the day.

Ad Rotation Settings: The order in which your ads are delivered as it is only possible to show one ad at a time. Google offers two ad rotation settings. Optimize (default) delivers those ads that are the best performing more often. This will likely receive more impressions and clicks overall, since they are more attractive and usually have better positioning. Rotate delivers ad more evenly.

Ad Scheduling: Also known as day parting, ad scheduling allows an advertiser using a pay per click search engine to control the day and time their ads appear. Some PPC search engines also let you control your bids during a certain time of day.

Ad Variations: Multiple versions of an ad for a single product or service in the same ad group targeting the same keywords. Ad variations let you test different ad copy to see what is attracting your target audience.

AdWords Discounter: An automated tool that monitors and adjusts the actual cost-per-click (CPC) so that the lowest possible bid is paid for an ad's position. This means that you pay the minimum possible CPC needed to exceed the next ranking ad.

AdWords Editor: A free desktop application used for managing an AdWords account, including making bid adjustments, creating new ads, changing ad delivery and much more.

Automatic Placements: Placements that Google finds automatically based upon keywords in your ad group.

Average Cost-Per-Click (Avg. CPC): The average amount paid each time an ad is clicked. Cost of all clicks / # of clicks = Avg. CPC.

Average Position (Avg. Pos.): Tells the average position an ad appears in search results when that keyword is searched. For example, an average position of 2.4 means that an ad usually appears between the 2nd and 3rd positions.


Broad Keyword Match: Allows your ad to appear for searches on similar phrases and variations. For example, if the broad match keyword was "yellow shoes" your ad would show for searches like "yellow running shoes" or "shoes with yellow laces" or "yellow and blue shoes". See Exact Keyword Match


Campaign: Is the first level of the AdWords structure. A campaign consists of one or more ad groups and each ad group has a set of ads and keywords. A campaign can represent a broad spectrum of products or services, where an ad group is focused on a single product or service. For example you could have a 'Headphone' campaign and within the campaign you could have a 'wireless headphone' ad group, a 'in-ear headphone' ad group and a 'clip on headphone' ad group, each of which have keywords specific to that product category.

Click: Occurs whenever a user sees your ad and clicks on it. Also known as a Click Through.

Click Through Rate (CTR): Is the number of clicks an ad receives divided by the number of times that ad has appeared in a given time. This gives a good indicator of ad performance. A high CTR means an ad is performing well, a low CTR means poor performance. CTR = # of Clicks / # of Impressions

Content Network: Also known as contextual targeting, these networks serve paid advertising via text, image and video ads on Websites that offer similar content to what you are advertising.

Contextual Targeting: An ad targeting system that matches ads that use keyword targeting to relevant and related sites on the Content Network.

Conversion: When a visitor, after clicking on an ad and arriving at your site, completes a specified action. This could be completing a purchase, signing up for an e-mail, subscribing to an RSS feed and so on.

Conversion Page: The page at which the visitors completes the action to be counted as a conversion. E.g. shopping cart, interest form, subscription page, etc.

Conversion Rate: The rate of which visitors or prospects take a desired action on your site. Desired action steps can involve purchases, leads, contact form completions, newsletters or email sign ups, registration for White Papers, etc. Example: If 100 visitors come to your site and 3 signup for your monthly newsletter than your conversion rate would be 3%.

Conversion Tracking: Allows you to track various actions or goals on your Website like leads, purchases, signups, contacts, etc. Conversion tracking is usually coupled with an analytics system like Google Analytics.

Conversion Types: The action completed to count as a conversion. E-mail signup, purchase, subscriptions, etc.

Conversions (1-per-click): Since multiple conversions can be completed after a single ad click, this number records only one conversion per click.

Conversions (many-per-click): A count of all of the conversions completed after a single click on an ad.

Cost /Conversion: Shows how much a single conversion (purchase, e-mail signup, subscription, page view, etc) cost. Total Cost / # of Conversions

Cost-Per-Action (CPA): A pricing model that charges every time a visitor completes a specific action (purchase, e-mail sign up, subscription and so on).

Cost-Per-Click (CPC): The amount you will pay for a single click on your ad.

Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Bid: A maximum amount one is willing to spend for clicks on an ad. This can be set at the ad group level for all keywords, or it can be set individually for each keyword.

Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions (CPM): A pricing model that charges for every 1,000 impressions an ad has rather than by click as in CPC bidding.


Daily Budget: The amount you are willing to spend in a single day for a single campaign.

Day Parting: See Ad Scheduling

Destination URL: The URL of the page a visitor will be directed to after clicking an ad.

Display Ad: Graphical ad format that includes Image ads, Flash ads, and animated .gif ads.

Display URL: The URL displayed in an ad. This is not necessarily the URL of the page a visitor will arrive at after click.

Distribution Preference: Indicates whether or not your ads will appear on the Google Search site and/or the Google Content Network.

Double Serving: Displaying more than one ad for the same company at the same time.


End Date: The date at which you would like your ad campaign to end. An indefinite date can be set too.

Exact Keyword Match: Only shows your ad for that exact phrase. If your exact match keyword was "yellow shoes" your ad would only show when that phrase was searched, and not when phrases like "blue and yellow shoes" or "yellow shoes for running" were searched. See Broad Keyword Match


Frequency: The average number of times an ad was seen by a unique user over a given time period.

Frequency Capping: The action of limiting the number of times your ad is seen by a unique user over a given time period on the Google Content Network. This sets the number of impressions allowed for a day, week or month.


Geo-Targeting: When an advertisement is displayed only in certain locations. Geo-targeting allows you to specify who will see your ads based on the location of the searcher. If you want to sell your services or products to a localized market, Geo-targeting is the method to use.

Google Content Network: The collection of sites and applications that display Google AdWords ads based on the content on the site.

Google Search Network: A collection of sites displaying Google search results


Image Ads: Ads that use an image or graphic. These ads can only appear on sites in the Google Content Network.

Impression: The number of times an ad has been shown.

Impressions per Day: The number of times an ad has been shown for a single day.

Interaction Rate: The percentage of time users spent interacting with a display ad. For example, a video ad could have an interaction rate that is the percentage of times a visitor actually clicks on your ad to watch the video.


Keyword: Those phrases that an ad will be targeted at. When a targeted keyword is searched the ad will appear.

Keyword Insertion: Term used within the PPC advertising field allowing for dynamic insertion of a target keyword either into the headline or description of your ad text. This will prominently bold the keyword allowing for greater visibility and higher Click Thru Rates.

Keyword Matching Options: Different ways a keyword might trigger an ad. These include Broad Match, Phrase Match, Exact Match and Negative Match.

Keyword Tool: A free Google tool that helps to identify relevant key phrases to target.


Landing Page: This is the Web page that a searcher arrives at after clicking on an advertisement. The more tailored a Landing Page is to a specific query, the better results you will see.


Maximum Cost Per Click: Or Max CPC is a term used by Google AdWords to denote the most you are willing to pay for one click on your ad. However, this does not mean you will actually pay this amount. Other factors such as Quality Score and competition will play a factor.

Mouseover Rate: The percentage of time users mouseover an ad for 1 second or longer.

Multivariate Testing: A split testing method that lets AdWords users test multiple ad texts at once. You could test all of your ad headlines, descriptions and display URLs by mixing and matching each of them. For example you have three ads: A, B, and C. With multivariate testing you mix and match the different parts of those three ads. Take the headline from B, description from A and display URL from C and test against other varieties to find the perfect ad.

My Change History: An AdWords tool that gives users a history of changes made to campaigns, ad groups and keywords, such as bid increases, ad text edits and more.


Negative Keyword: A word or phrase used in pay per click advertising that allows you to block unwanted searches or impressions. Example: If you sell only red widgets, you want to add blue, green, black, etc. as negative keywords. This way your ad will not be shown for a product you do not sell.


Organic Search Positions: Non-paid search engine results. Organic search positions are calculated with complicated algorithms unique to each search engine.

Organic Search Rankings: See Organic Search Positions.


Phrase Keyword Match: Only shows your ad when that key phrase is searched with words in the specified order. Ads will appear in searches with the phrase plus words before or after it. For example if your phrase match keyword was "yellow shoes", your ad would appear for searches like "leather yellow shoes" or "blue and yellow shoes", but not for searches like "yellow leather shoes" or "shoes with yellow laces" because the phrase was broken.

Placements: Locations where your ads have appeared in the Google Content Network.

Position Preference: An option that lets you pick where you want your ads to appear among all adds on a given page.


Quality Score: A numerical score assigned by Google AdWords utilized in their Pay Per Click platform. The Quality Score is determined by an ad's Click Thru Rate, keyword relevance, Landing Page relevance and other factors. Combining the ad's Quality Score with your maximum Cost Per Click and advertiser competitiveness determines your ad's position and what you end up paying per click


Rationing: See Ad Rationing

Recommended Daily Budget: A budget that is determined by Google AdWords to have your ad show as many times as possible for your keywords.

Relevance: How useful the ad or keyword is to the searcher or audience.

Return on Investment: Measured by how much return you receive from your online marketing investment. An example would be if you spend $1000 on Pay Per Click ads and you make $2000 in profit from sales, then your Return on Investment would be 100%. Calculated: ($2000-$1000) / 1000 = 100%


Search Partners: Sites within the Google Search Network that display Google AdWords ads.

Split Testing: Is used to determine the best options for ads. By showing multiple ads over a course of time, split testing helps determine which ad texts, images, message and more are most effective.

Standard Ad Delivery: An ad serving method that shows ads across a day to make sure you don't accrue all of your clicks early on.


Text Ad: Ads that use only text to convey the message. This is the primary type of ad for Google AdWords and the only type shown in Google search results.

Google Adwords Tips 2013

Simple Online Marketing Course By GeekFree

Presentation By Geek-Free Marketing, Inc

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What Should You Do SEO for Google 2013?

Mattcutts addressed 10 points in his answer to the question, "What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?

Penguin – The next Penguin update will have deeper and more impact than the first version of Penguin update

Google Penguin 4 Update

Google Penguin 4 Update

Advertorials – Google was seen taking actions against some of the websites for using advertorials to inflate their link profile artificially. Cutts said that Google will soon take stronger step against websites using advertorials by violating the webmaster guidelines.

Spammy Queries – Till date, Google has not targeted the queries that are spammy in nature (pay day loans) or pornographic related queries, but Matt Cutts hinted that Google will be getting strict in the future. 

Going Upstream – Google might go after link networks as Matt Cutts said that they want to go more Upstream in order to deter the link spammers as well as the value of the links they acquire from sources.

Sophisticated Link Analysis – Google will get even better at link analysis. Matt said that although Google is still in the early stage of more sophisticated link analysis software, but the day it is released, the team will have better understanding of the links.

Improvement on Hacked Sites – Google has worked a lot on hacked sites and their index in the past. It has specifically labeled search results for potential hacked sites, warned webmasters about the hack, and also removed hacking sites. Matt Cutts said that Google is working on a new feature with better ability to detect hacked sites. Moreover, Google is planning to improve webmaster communication when it comes to hacked sites.

Authority Boost – Google is planning to give a ranking or community boost to the websites that are an authority in the specific industry. 

Panda – Google Panda has impacted many sites and Matt Cutts said the many sites are borderline cases. The team is looking out for ways to ease that impact by considering other quality metrics and ensure that the websites are not impacted by Panda algorithm.

Clusters – There will be a lesser number of clusters of the same domain name on the first page of search results this year. Matt said that Google wants the first page search results to be more diverse but when you will navigate to the second page, you will see the clusters again.

Better Webmaster Communication – Webmasters can expect event more detailed examples within the webmaster notifications received in the Google Webmaster Tools.

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Google Search Shortcuts - Indexed pages in your site - Pages that refer to your site's URL - Pages that link to your site - The current cache of your site - Information Google has about your site - Pages that are similar to your site

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

What Links Should I Remove if I’ve Been Affected by Google Penguin?

What Links Should I Remove if I’ve Been Affected by Google Penguin?

Find the following steps to Avoid Google Penguin Effect

  • Sitewide sidebar and footer links
  • Links on low level directory sites
  • Links on sites with malware
  • Placed paid links in content
  • Mass article marketing sites – normally contain links in the signature
  • Advertorial or sponsored links
  • Websites that have been de-indexed
  • Links that appear on the same site as spammy links
  • Links coming from link wheels and networks
  • Low level self hosted blog sites - typically setup with one page of content which contain anchor text heavy links

Sample Email Template for Link Removal Request

Email Subject Line: Please remove our link
Email Body Copy: 


My name is [NAME] with [], and I wanted to thank you for linking to our site from


However, it has come to our attention that this link may have been acquired against Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

It is important for us to bring our site into compliance. Would you please add a rel="nofollow" attribute or remove our link from this page and any other page on your site?

Thank you


Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Top Five SEO Mistakes According to Google Webspam Head

The Top Five SEO Mistakes According to Google Webspam Head Matt Cutts.

(1) Not having a website or having a website that is not crawlable is the biggest mistake he sees.

(2) Not including the right words on the page. The example Matt gave is: don’t just write, “Mt. Everest Height” but write, “How high is Mt. Everest?” because that is how people search.

(3) Don’t think about link building, think about compelling content and marketing.

(4) Don’t forget to think about the title and description of your most important pages.

(5) Not using webmaster resources and learning about how Google works and what SEO is about.

Stolen from:

Sunday, 28 April 2013

The 16 Rules of Social Media Marketing SMO 2013

The 16 Rules of Social Media Marketing SMO 2013

The 16 Rules of Social Media Marketing SMO 2013

1.Increase Your Linkability
2.Make Tagging and Bookmarking Easy
3.Reward Inbound Links
4.Help Your Content Travel
5.Encourage the Mashup
6. Be a User Resource, Even if it Doesn’t Help You
7. Reward Helpful and Valuable Users
8. Participate
9. Know How to Target Your Audience
10. Create Content
11. Be Real
12. Don’t Forget Your Roots, Be Humble
13. Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things, Stay Fresh
14. Develop an SMO Strategy
15. Choose Your SMO Tactics Wisely
16. Make SMO part of your process and best practices

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Best Social Networks Have Crossed Millions of Active Users in 2013

  1. Facebook: 1.06 billion monthly active users, 680 million mobile users
  2. YouTube: 1 billion users
  3. Twitter: 500 million total users, more than 200 million active users
  4. Google+: 343 million active users
  5. Shazam: 300 million users
  6. Skype: 280 million users
  7. LinkedIn: 200 million users
  8. Soundcloud: 180 million monthly users
  9. Pandora: 175 million registered users
  10. Viber: 175 million users
  11. Tumblr: 170 million users, 100 million blogs
  12. SoundHound: 130 million users
  13. Paypal: 117 million users
  14. Dropbox: 100+ million users
  15. Instagram: 100 million users
  16. Ebay: 100 million active users
  17. WhatsApp: 100 million users
  18. Tango: 100 million users
And, a few well on their way:

Top 50 Online Best SEO Tools for Your Websites

Top Online SEO Tools

Best Online SEO Tools

Backlink Investigation

Server Investigation

Website Crawling & Link Checking

Content & Markup Analysis

Keyword Research

Competitive Keyword Analysis

Social Discovery

PR & Outreach


Search Engine Guidance

SEO Analysis

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Top SEO & Link Building Experts 2013

SEO/Link Building ExpertTwitterWebsite
Aaron Wall @aaronwall Visit Website
Adam Audette @audette Visit Website
Adam Lasnik @thatadamguy Visit Website
Adam Sherk @adamsherk Visit Website
Adrienne Doss @adriennedoss Visit Website
Aj Ghergich @seo Visit Website
Aj Kohn @ajkohn Visit Website
Al Scillitani @alscillitani Visit Website
Alaister Low @alaisterlow Visit Website
Alan Bleiweiss @alanbleiweiss Visit Website
Alex Bennert @seosylph Visit Website
Alex Juel @seoholicc Visit Website
Alissa Ruehl @alissaru Visit Website
Allan Dick @allandick Visit Website
Alysson Fergison @alysson Visit Website
Andrew Goodman @andrew_goodman Visit Website
Andrew Shotland @localseoguide Visit Website
Andromeda Edison @romie Visit Website
Andy Beal @andybeal Visit Website
Andy Beard @andybeard Visit Website
Andy Kruge @andyatkinskruge Visit Website
Ann Smarty @seosmarty Visit Website
Anton E. Konikoff @antonkonikoff Visit Website
Arnie Kuenn @arniek Visit Website
Avinash Kaushik @avinash Visit Website
Barbaraboser @barbaraboser Visit Website
Barrie Smith @barriesmithii Visit Website
Barry Schwartz @rustybrick Visit Website
Barry Smyth @barrysmyth Visit Website
Beah Burger @beahburger Visit Website
Ben Cook @skitzzo Visit Website
Ben Wills @benwills Visit Website
Bill Hunt @billhunt Visit Website
Bill Sebald @billsebald Visit Website
Bill Slawski @bill_slawski Visit Website
Brad Geddes @bgtheory Visit Website
Branko Rihtman @neyne Visit Website
Brent D. Payne @brentdpayne Visit Website
Brett Tabke @btabke Visit Website
Brian Carter @briancarter Visit Website
Brian Chappell @brianchappell Visit Website
Brian Foy @brianfoy Visit Website
Brian White @brianwhite Visit Website
Bruce Clay @bruceclayinc Visit Website
Byrne Hobart @byrneseyeview Visit Website
Carolyn Shelby @cshel Visit Website
Carrie Hill @carriehill Visit Website
Casie Gillette @casieg Visit Website
Cesar Serna @cesarserna Visit Website
Chris Bennett @chrisbennett Visit Website
Chris Boggs @boggles Visit Website
Chris Copeland @ccopeland101
Chris Davies @wcdavies Visit Website
Chris Dimmock @cogentis Visit Website
Chris Garrett @chrisgarrett Visit Website
Chris M. Carroll @grumpyhawk Visit Website
Chris Raimondi @chrisraimondi
Chris Sherman @cjsherman Visit Website
Chris Silver Smith @si1very Visit Website
Chris Whitling @cw360 Visit Website
Chris Winfield @chriswinfield Visit Website
Chris Zaharias @searchquant Visit Website
Christa Watson @christawatson Visit Website
Christine Churchill @keyrelevance Visit Website
Christopher Penn @cspenn Visit Website
Ciaran Norris @ciaranj Visit Website
Cijo Abraham Mani @cijoabrahammani Visit Website
Cindy Krum @suzzicks Visit Website
Conrad Saam @conradsaam Visit Website
Cory Kleinschmidt @coryklein Visit Website
Craig Fifield @craigfifield Visit Website
Craig Neil @newportseo Visit Website
Cristian Vasile @cristianvasile Visit Website
Cristoph Cemper @cemper Visit Website
Curtis R. Curtis @curtisrcurtis Visit Website
Dan Cristo @dancristo Visit Website
Dan London @danlondon Visit Website
Dan Thies @danthies Visit Website
Dana Lookadoo @lookadoo Visit Website
Dana Melick @dmelick Visit Website
Dana Todd @danatodd Visit Website
Danielle Winfield @daniellew
Danny Dover @dannydover Visit Website
Danny Sullivan @dannysullivan Visit Website
Daron Babin @daronbabin Visit Website
Darren Shaw @edmontonseo Visit Website
Dave Dugdale @dugdale Visit Website
Dave Minchala @daveminchala Visit Website
Dave Naylor @davenaylor Visit Website
David Berkowitz @dberkowitz Visit Website
David Brown @neoblog Visit Website
David Harry @thegypsy Visit Website
David Leonhardt @amabaie Visit Website
David Mihm @davidmihm Visit Website
David Szetela @szetela Visit Website
David Wallace @davidwallace Visit Website
David Yehaskel @yehaskel Visit Website
Dax Herrera @daxherrera
Debra Mastaler @debramastaler Visit Website
Dennis Yu @dennisyu Visit Website
Derek Edmond @derekedmond Visit Website
Derrick Wheeler @derrickwheeler Visit Website
Desi Matlock @desimatlock Visit Website
Disa Johnson @airdisa Visit Website
Dixon Jones @dixon_jones Visit Website
Don Baker @don_nsi Visit Website
Don Dikaio @dondikaio Visit Website
Don Steele @donsteele
Elisabeth Osmeloski @elisabethos Visit Website
Elise Richardson @eliserichardson Visit Website
Eric Enge @ericenge Visit Website
Eric Hoffman @eric_hoffman Visit Website
Eric Ward @ericward Visit Website
Erika Tabke @etabke Visit Website
Ethan Giffin @opie Visit Website
Evan Fishkin @efishkin Visit Website
Fabio Ricotta @fabioricotta Visit Website
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Gareth Hoyle @search_magician Visit Website
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Gianluca Fiorelli @gfiorelli1 Visit Website
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Gyutae Park @gyutae Visit Website
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Hugo Guzman @hugoguzman Visit Website
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Javaun Moradi @javaun Visit Website
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Jeffrey K. Rohrs @jkrohrs Visit Website
Jennifer Cario @jennifercario Visit Website
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Jennifer Sable Lopez @jennita Visit Website
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Jim Boykin @jimboykin Visit Website
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Joanna Batten @joannabatten
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Kevin Mullett @kmullett Visit Website
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Lee Odden @leeodden Visit Website
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Lisa Wehr @lisawehr Visit Website
Loren Baker @lorenbaker Visit Website
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Mani Karthik @manikarthik Visit Website
Marc Poirier @marcpoirier Visit Website
Marie-Claire Jenkins @missmcj Visit Website
Mark Edmondson @guavamarked Visit Website
Mark Tempest @mark_tempest Visit Website
Marshall Simmonds @mdsimmonds Visit Website
Marshall Stevenson @spryd Visit Website
Marty Shaw @martyshaw Visit Website
Marty Weintraub @aimclear Visit Website
Mary Bowling @marybowling Visit Website
Matt Cutts @mattcutts Visit Website
Matt Mcgee @mattmcgee Visit Website
Matt Siltala @matt_siltala Visit Website
Matt Van Wagner @mvanwagner
Matthew Brown @matthewjbrown Visit Website
Matthew Diehl @matthewdiehl Visit Website
Matthew Finlay @mattfin
Mel Carson @melcarson Visit Website
Melanie Mitchell @melaniemitchell Visit Website
Melanie Nathan @melanienathan Visit Website
Melissa Mackey @mel66 Visit Website
Micaela Burr @micaelaburr Visit Website
Michael D Jensen @mdjensen Visit Website
Michael Gray @graywolf Visit Website
Michael King @ipullrank Visit Website
Michael Martinez @seo_theory Visit Website
Michael Mcdonald @mmcdonald Visit Website
Michael Pilla @michaelpilla
Michael Updegraff @upworks
Michelle Robbins @michellerobbins
Mike Blumenthal @mblumenthal Visit Website
Mike Cohen @wannadevelop Visit Website
Mike Grehan @mikegrehan Visit Website
Mike Halvorsen @mikehalvorsen Visit Website
Mike Pantoliano @mikecp
Mikkel Demib @demib Visit Website
Molly Block @mollyblock Visit Website
Mona Elesseily @webmona
Monica Valentinelli @mlvalentine Visit Website
Monica Wright @monicawright Visit Website
Nacho Hernandez @nachohernandez Visit Website
Napoleon Suarez @napoleonsuarez Visit Website
Natala Menezes @natala Visit Website
Nathan Buggia @nathanbuggia Visit Website
Neil Patel @neilpatel Visit Website
Nichola Stott @nicholastott Visit Website
Nick Dynice @nsputnik Visit Website
Nick Gerner @gerner Visit Website
Nick Wilsdon @nickwilsdon Visit Website
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Pat Strader @patstrader Visit Website
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