Tuesday, 9 February 2016

How To Get More Followers With 21 Ways That Will Boost Your Social Media Traffic

How on earth do they do it? How do your favorite brands, bloggers, and personalities get more followers that seem to be raging, shout-it-from-the-rooftops fans?

It feels like social media followers just flock to these people, naturally, with no effort from them whatsoever. And all the while, you’re here, working your backside off, just to pick up a follow or a like or a mention from someone.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

But today, that frustration is going to melt away. You’re about to learn how to get more followers on your social networks in a very scientific way. And you’re going to unlock those “industry secrets” that are going to skyrocket you to more people, better conversions, and better customer experiences.

Here we go…

1. Post After Lunch To Reach More People

Post After Lunch To Reach More People

Research from Chartbeat shows 3 p.m. to 1 a.m. is the optimal time to share on social media, with social traffic being at its highest in the late afternoon:

While there is still mileage in posting through the morning (more on that next), schedule the updates you want to convert most with, like blog posts, in this time window.

2. Find The Best Times For You To Share To Social Media

It’s a generality to say that posting in the afternoon is the best way to grow your audience. But there are better times to post on social media than others.

To find out when your own audience is active on social networks, grab this Google Analytics custom report we custom-built for you with love from CoSchedule. :)

It’ll tell you when your current audience is clicking through to read your content. That will help you understand what your most popular social networks are so you can use your time more effectively. You’ll be able to share your content even smarter.

So let’s use your own data to strategically choose the best times to share. First, choose the blog you’d like to apply the report to:

Find The Best Times For You To Share To Social Media

That report doesn’t look like much at first, but right off the bat you’ll see which networks are your most popular ones:

When you click through to see the data for each network, you’ll see the best days to post on that network. Take it one step further and click through on those days, you’ll see the best times to post on that network, too.

That Google Analytics custom report will work with your own data that comes directly from your audience. Use it to schedule your social messages at the best times to increase your traffic and opportunity to get more re-shares that could help you get more followers.

3. Share More Often To Get More Followers

The folks over at Beevolve recently posed the question: If you tweet more, will you get more followers?

Checkout here To Get More Followers With 21 Ways That Will Boost Your Social Media Traffic.

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