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5 Ways To Use Pinterest For Keyword Research

5 Ways To Use Pinterest For Keyword Research

Any marketer trying to sell something or get an article read cannot afford to ignore Pinterest. The social bookmarking platform is fast competing with Google as it becomes the number one visual search engine. But unlike Google, Pinterest users are typically not idle searchers. They come to Pinterest with a mission, more often that mission is to find things to buy and learn.

According to a report by Ahalogy, 86% of people on Pinterest everyday have used Pinterest while online shopping.

They also spend more on average than users of other social networks. A study from Comscore found Pinterest users spend twice as much as the average social media user.

In other words, understanding your highest potential keywords on Pinterest will help you reach the shopping minded, high spending, online active customers that will be most valuable to your business.

Fortunately Pinterest has several ways to support your keyword research for free right on the platform. Here is a step by step guide to how to approach your keyword research on Pinterest.

1. Start By Exploring Topics

Pinterest has made the first step easy. The have organized all content on Pinterest into popular categories that you can easily explore. They even give you specific details about the popularity of each category and subcategory.

To the right of the Pinterest search box you'll see the list of Pinterest categories.

On every category page Pinterest lists the most common related topics as subcategories. Click through categories and subcategories to find the most popular topics associated with your category.

For example, clicking through "Technology" will show you this list of subcategories.

With each subtopic you can also see the number of followers of this topic. You can think of these topics as keyword groups. Knowing how many people are following this topic helps you determine how valuable this group will be to pursue.

You can continue to explore topics this way. Click through related topics to find out how many people are following that group and find more related sub categories.

Keep a list of topic groups and number of followers. This list will be the basis for you to begin to discover keyword phrases.


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