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Make 2016 A Successful Year With 15 Free Marketing Worksheets

Make 2016 A Successful Year With 15 Free Marketing Worksheets

 Throughout the year, you’ve seen tons of marketing worksheets from the content marketing blog here at CoSchedule. We’ve filled them with great tips, actionable challenges, infographics, and there are even some ultimate guides to help you as a content marketer.

We thought we’d give you our most popular 15 marketing worksheets from the past year. They’ll make you more awesome at what you do. Think of it as a belated Christmas gift from us to you!

1. Make Your Headlines More Clickable With These 500+ Words

The Headline Analyzer is an amazing tool that’ll help you write the best headlines. It’s now inside CoSchedule, but we still have a free version of the Headline Analyzer online as well. Make sure you check it out.

When you use the words from this tear sheet of 500+ words, your headlines will become more emotional and relatable. In turn, you’ll get more clicks.

Actionable Takeaways:

  •    Write 20–35 headlines to improve your headline writing.
  •    Include emotion-filled words so your headlines will score higher in the Headline Analyzer.

2. Organize Your Blog Planning With An Editorial Calendar Template

An editorial calendar is one of the best ways to keep organized while planning great content. We have a great editorial calendar template for you to use for blog planning. It’s a great way to stay focused and en route toward your goal.

  • Remember to take into mind the different holidays and events that may affect you and your team. You’ll want to plan for them.
  • With an editorial calendar, you’ll meet your deadlines every time by setting achievable tasks. Break your big goals into smaller tasks. It’s so much easier to accomplish goals when you can see them in smaller chunks.

Actionable Takeaways:

  •   What is your big goal? Now break that into smaller tasks.
  •   How many posts do you want to publish a week? How many a month? Plan your calendar to work up the momentum to publish that amount of content.
  •   Do you send out email newsletters? If so, put these publish dates on your calendar as well.
  •   Set out to be realistic. Nothing is worse than trying to do too much. Do one thing well.
  •   What are some ways to turn visitors into your followers and followers into your customers?

3. Improve Your Social Media Strategy With This Template

One thing you’ll really want to focus on this coming year is building engagement and relationships on your social media platforms. Social media is important to growing your following because it’s one of the places on the Internet where your audience is.

Your social media goal should be to turn Facebook (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest) followers into blog subscribers. And then from there, you can aim to turn those subscribers into paying customers, instead of letting them collect into a stagnant pile of emails resembling a dust bunny that’s been forgotten under a couch for way too long.

Actionable Takeaways:

  •   Brainstorm your content sharing strength. Which things do you share that do well?
  •   What are some things you could create using programs and apps that you have available, that you could share online?
  •   What can you create that’d be great for sharing on social media? (Think visually and interactive media.)

Make 2016 A Successful Year With 15 Free Marketing Worksheets -

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