Tuesday, 19 January 2016

How to Fix Unusual Spike in Direct Traffic in Google Analytics

If you see an enormous increase of direct traffic on your Google Analytics out of nowhere, the spam can be involved. There are mainly 3 reasons for this to happen:
  • Bot or Direct spam attack is less common, but it is also harder to solve.
  • Ghost Spam is the most common.
  • Wrong configuration while trying to exclude the spam

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  • Bot / Direct spam attack.
  • Ghost spam sending fake direct traffic
    • How to identify if the direct traffic is spam (ghost)?
    • How to stop fake direct traffic coming from ghost spam?
  • Using the referral exclusion list to block the spam

I'll explain each of these and how to solve them.

Bot / Direct spam attack.
This is less frequent than the next 2, but the effects are worse. In this case, the solution is more complicated since the direct visits use your hostname (in which the next 2 caused are based) and it may vary between properties. For that reason, there is not a unique solution.

Some of the properties show some patterns the most common is a spike in direct traffic at the beginning of July followed by a huge spike of one day, as you can see in the next graph. 

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