Friday, 22 January 2016

The Best 4 Resources for Quickly Writing Powerful Email Subject Lines

In the vast jungle of your recipients inbox, It´s hard to get your email subject lines noticed.

Better yet, get clicked!

So in this post I want to share my top 4 resources (1 of them is a free tool,) for creating the best email subject lines.

Each one out of these four will work on its own to improve your open and click-through ratios.

…and YES!

You will be able to use these resources for every type of headline anywhere.

In your blog post, social media posts, tweets, email subject lines, sales copy, optin forms, sub headings, product names and what not.

So these sparkling resources doesn´t just apply for email marketing.

Want to start with 49 killer copy-paste formulas?

I think we should :)

To read more story about Email Subject Lines tips, checkout here  -

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